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BattleGround Laser Tag

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green circle with yellow stars, and crosshairs in the middle. Battle ground logo

Company Overview

Battle Ground is a mobile laser tag business in Greenville, South Carolina that will bring the fun and excitement of laser tag to your location. Battle Ground brings laser tag out from distant dark halls into the fresh air! Battle Ground can set up your arena in the location of your choosing, indoors or outdoors. With party packages to choose from you can customize your experience for whatever your event may be.

Design Process

Logo: For the logo, I wanted something military inspired, but done tastefully and respectfully. I started sketching out shapes and adding elements to them to see which would be best to pursue further. After several sketches, the “mobile” part of the company came to mind. That is what makes it unique, so I wanted to run with that. It inspired me to look further into wheels, specifically tank wheels. Playing with different tank wheels I settled on the circle with gears around it. I then combined it with the cross-hairs in the center and the stars along the wheel to tie in all of the elements.


Typography: I knew I wanted a strong stencil-type font for the headings. I felt it conveyed the masculinity and strength the company exudes. I had a good direction, but there were still so many options. I selected Capture Smallz because it was strong, bold and the texture on the letters gave it a interesting depth. I felt it subtly referenced the rough and potentially messy excitement of playing the game outside. I selected Myriad Pro to balance the strong font with a lighter, readable, and efficient font.

Colors: The colors were chosen to unite the military and earthy tones of the company. The greens relate both to nature and camo, while the gold/yellow stands out as an accent. Gold is commonly used in relation to army as well which was one of the motivating factors in selecting in. The brown and black also associate with earth while feeling serious and exciting.



Website: First, I started with a technique I had heard about nicknamed “Crazy Eights”. Folding a paper into eight sections I drew eight wire-frames as quickly as possible. Afterwards I selected my favorites and sketched it again in further detail. I wanted the website to be focused and straightforward. By keeping the information limited and fitting it to the viewport it gives the user a very focused view of the information – like looking through a scope.



Using Adobe XD I created the mock-up below. This was the first time I had used XD and I would like to further my knowledge and ability in it, but it proved useful in developing an interactive prototype. I will then use this to develop the live website. Feel free to click the links in the mock-up below to see the different pages.



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June 26, 2018