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Flour Bud Bakery

A light pink background with a flour sack tilted to the side with a smiling face on it next to the words Flour Bud Bakery.

Company Overview

Flour Bud Bakery is a local, family run business in the Woodlands, TX. They serve a wide variety of baked goods along with a small menu of soups and sandwiches. Flour Bud Bakery also focuses on ministry by partnering with churches, non-profits, and other ministries in the area. For a small fee you can also “Pay it Forward” and purchase a meal for those in need.

Design Process

Logo: Initially, I was at a loss as to what to do with the logo. I had plenty of ideas of directions I wanted to avoid, but I was searching to find one I could embrace while also capturing the feel of the bakery. However, as I poured through fonts and testing out how they would look as the name I typed out “Flour Bud” and was struck with an idea. It is a bit on the nose, but as I started to develop the little character it grew to a lovable little logo.

Researching how flour sacks looked, the texture, style, etc. I was able to create the sweet, slouching Flour Bud that is used for the logo. He ties in excellently with the theme of the bakery itself: A warm and friendly environment and gives the customers a welcoming smile to greet them.

Typography: Once I started looking at typography I thought a thin font would be an excellent contrast to the heavy logo. However, when comparing a slab and a light next to Flour Bud, such a thin font just wouldn’t hold the weight it needed to. After research and thought, I knew I would need a thicker and heavier font to both hold up next to the logo as well as compliment it.

Fairwater could hold its own against the logo while still offering a delicate feel. Montserrat, a font inspired by the urban signs of Buenos Aires, conveys a more modern and clean look opposing that of Fairwater. It is easily readable and a beautiful contrast.

Colors: The colors were selected to hopefully invoke several feelings. The pinks convey a sense of sweetness, happiness, and light. The variations of brown and beige evoke a warmth and richness, reminding guests of the decadence of a thick slice of cake and cup of coffee.

Website: I have a tendency to flesh out sketches more than I should. This website started with a more in-depth sketch than my other websites, but I remained open to the evolution of the site and it’s layout. I wanted to create a simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate website. The bakery didn’t need a bunch of pages so I wanted to consolidate all the information on one page but give each section it’s own room to breathe and dash of flavor.

Subtle animations and hidden Flour Buds make the site playful, but not overly crowded or difficult to use. The chalkboard is one that I am particularly fond of. When selecting either the “Savory?” or “Sweet?” buttons the menu will populate with the appropriate items. However, when selecting the opposing menu, the current items will be erased, like a chalkboard, and repopulated with the new ones. It gives the site a bit of depth and delightful interactivity.

View the mockup below by hovering over the design and scrolling. Functionality is limited within this mockup.


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June 26, 2018