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Kierson Fletcher Design

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Design Process

Logo: It is important for a logo to say something about you, even if it isn’t obvious. I’ve heard many people say that designing a logo for yourself is one of the hardest things to do, and I definitely agree. Sketch after sketch, I just couldn’t seem to come up with something that I liked that also complimented who I was. There was one that I decided to pursue further, a circle with a bunch of lines and arrows inside, however as I attempted to develop in in Illustrator, I began to see the flaw with the logo. If I were to choose that, it would lose so much detail and clarity as it got smaller. By the time I put it on a business card, it would be hard to tell what the logo was.

After that, I started to work more with my initials: KF. Upon playing with those letters I drew a sketch of slashing them in half. During this time I was also taking a class on PHP. Forward slashes are constantly used in HMTL, CSS, and PHP which are the languages I primarily work with. By using two forward slashes, I cut the letters, while also giving reference to the languages I work in without it being too on the nose.

Typography: Once I got down the basic structure, it was time to start looking into a font. I poured through so many, again, struggling to find something I felt represented who I am. I landed on two fonts. Continuo, and Urbana. Each one of these encompassed an element that I loved, but I needed to settle on one. Urbana was the one I went with for the logo itself. I felt the variation of rounded and square edges gave it a playful yet professional look and the K not connecting completely is similar to how I write my ‘K’s.

Colors: I wanted to select colors that were professional, trustworthy, elegant, and showed some of my personality. First, I selected purple as my accent for multiple reasons:

  1. Purple represents creativity and elegance.
  2. In Dreamweaver, code is color coded to make it easier to read. Variables and arrays are both colored purple. This is to indicate how I have an array of knowledge that can be constantly added to and can be adapted to many situations.
  3. Also, which was just a happy coincidence, purple happens to be my favorite color. I try not to base things off personal preference, but in this situation a little bit of my own bias worked.

The gray also offered a nod to coding. When you make comments in code it will be grayed out. In PHP you make comments with a double slash, like what is used in my logo. The black indicates professionalism and strength. I wanted a simple and fairly toned down color scheme so the colors and images of projects would pop.

Texture: Since I loved the Continuo font and the element it brought to the table, it was recommended that I make a texture out of it. I dropped it in a new file in Illustrator and started to play. I arranged it in about 6 different was with a variety of spacing and sizes. After analyzing it and getting input from other designers I decided on the one that I now use as the background for most of my pages. Web design is a constant process, always growing, developing, and changing. The maze-like, continuous pattern of this texture displays that in my designs, and I absolutely love it.

Website: I decided to create a prototype of the mobile version for viewing as I work on completing the site. This was creating in XD as well, so please feel free to click on links and navigate through the interactive prototype attached below.


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June 26, 2018