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Worthy is inspired by a business but the following website, logos, vehicle wraps, and overall branding is not associated with the real life business.

Company Overview

Worthy is a mobile hair salon based in The Woodlands, TX. Worthy delivers cuts, dyes, and styles to your doorstep. Worthy’s mission is to bring confidence and creativity to each person that calls. As we all face challenges, we all need a reminder that we are worth more than we feel sometimes. Worthy seeks to empower individuals and reassure them that they each worthy of big and small things alike.

Design Process

Logo: The logo started out as simply the word Worthy. However, I felt that alone didn’t do justice to the meaning behind the company and it’s name. Worthy being a Christian run business, I began to look at scriptures that referenced worth. Two analogies stood out to me: sparrows and rubies. Between the two, rubies had more of a general association with worth and I felt that would be a good symbol to roll with and see where it went. I had already selected the color red as a part of the branding as well, so it worked seamlessly.

I began to look at different cuts and researched which ones were most associated with rubies. I started with a cushion cut, however with the red background and white text it was far to similar to the “As seen on TV” logo. Shifting directions, I went with a round cut, as it seems most associated with gemstones as a whole, specifically diamonds which are also seen as valuable.

I wanted the ruby to be slightly cartoon-like to evoke the sense of playfulness and relaxation the company carries as well. Paired with the font over the top I feel it does a good job of showing the value -or worth- of the company with a dash of lightheartedness.

Typography:  I started out using Bebas Neue paired with Montserrat Light and All caps. But as I began working on other elements, I felt the font was too plain and rigid for the feel this branding needed. I had initially chosen Bebas Neue for how clean cut and direct it was. I wanted to mirror the sharp edges of Bebas Neue with the clean edges of freshly cut hair. However, after some more searching I came across Plume. Plume offered the same sharpness of Bebas Neue with a light smile conveyed in the serifs of the font. I selected a heavy base font to add the positive impact of worth. It needed to stand out and be undeniable.

Colors: It seemed simplicity would work well for this brand. Mostly neutral colors with a smack of vibrant color. Black and white is clean, simple, and elegant. I added in a deep red to convey the passion and strength of the company. Incorporating lighter and darker shades of red aid in the structure of the ruby and the sense of refraction.

Texture: The branding seemed to be missing something. It seemed added a gemstone like texture in the background may bump up the design. Illustration not being my strongest skill, I sought out a way to create a pattern without starting from scratch if I could. After searching through Vecteezy – go to the bottom of the page for more info – I came across a great vector that I could edit to get the look I was going for.

After some manipulating of the colors, overlaying the pattern, and modifying the opacity I got the texture I had aimed for. I wanted something that would create an effect as if you were looking deeply into a gem, able to see all those angles and the light refracting of the edges.

Website: Worthy wanted a simple website with minimal content. Worthy is by referral only and so they didn’t want any contact information on the website itself. I created a one page site that gives the basic information: What Worthy is, services and general pricing, social media, and copyright. Potential customers can visit here to gain a little more information, but will ultimately have direct contact with the owner. This is to help build personal client relationships and make them feel…well, worthy.

Credit to Vecteezy for the vector I used to create the background texture. Check out their website here!